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Why You Should Set Goals

Dec 30, 2022

Goals are important year round for all of us and around the new year most of us are setting goals or resolutions for the following year. Did you know that 43% of all New Year’s Resolutions fail before February? Let’s look below at why goal setting is important year round and go over the essentials of goal setting to help you achieve your resolutions and goals!

Why is setting goals important? 

      1.Goals provide clarity & help control your future 

Goals provide clarity on what is most important to you and helps you create the future you want for yourself. Reflecting and creating goals can help establish your “why” behind your actions.

      2. Goals set a direction

When you have a direction or path, often one becomes less stressed and can see greater purpose to their life. Goals are like having a road map, guiding you to your destination, instead of just spinning your tires. 

      3.Goals keep you focused, motivated & trigger behavior

Moving towards a goal helps you stay confident, happy and provides a sense of purpose. You focus your attention, time and energy on what is important to you. 

      4.Setting goals creates hope, inner peace & sustain momentum

Setting the right goals for you creates inner peace and confidence working to achieve and eventually reach it. 

      5.The journey can be as important as the goal & provides you with accountability along the way. 

 You can learn new things, have new experiences, adjust your attitude and develop new skills while holding yourself accountable along the way. 

      6.You get to enjoy the journey and celebrate the destination 

 Getting to enjoy the satisfaction of achieving a goal and feeling proud of the work done to get there can be extremely valuable and rewarding. 

Goal Setting Essentials - **Use the acronym SMART**

All of your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Bound

Let’s use an example of a golfer with the goal of improving their average score. First, the golfer needs to think about what they can do to achieve their goal.  This will help you pinpoint what areas of their game to set goals for. The golfer consistently misses fairways with their driver, feels their distance is not where it should be and consistently 3 putts on the greens. 


Examples of short term goals 

  • Only 1 three putt per 9 holes during the next 2 weeks 
  • Hit > 60% of fairways over the next 5 rounds 
  • Complete speed training with superspeed sticks daily over the next 4 weeks
  • Complete 2 golf performance exercise workouts per week 

Examples of long term goals 

  • Break 90 by the end of April 
  • Break 85 by the end of July 
  • Gain > 5 mph of swing speed over the next 3 off-season months 

Hope this helps guide you toward a successful 2023 full of achieving your goals and reaching what’s important to you! Need help setting and/or achieving your goals, reach out to us so we can help you crush 2023!


Feel Better. Move Better. Score Better 




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