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What Does Core Strengthening Look Like in 2022?

Apr 18, 2022

When most people hear the words “core strength”, they tend to think of having 6 pack abs. While physically it looks good, the toned outer layer of muscle is not the same as a strong core. 


So what is the "core" and why is it important to have a strong one?

The core is a group of muscles that stabilize the pelvis and the spine. The ability to stabilize the pelvis and the spine directly influences how the lower body and upper body move. Core strength is about being able to maintain a posture that allows the body to work efficiently while not over stressing any area. A strong core unloads joints and promotes the ease of movement. 



 A strong core for an athlete is essential to maximize efficiency, improve performance, and decrease risk of injury. For the non-athletes, a strong core means the ability to complete yard work, walk up the stairs, stand up from the couch, and play with your kids/grandkids. 

Why a weak core is problematic!

 As we age, our bodies lose muscle mass and experience natural wear and tear causing degenerative changes. These degenerative changes can lead to issues like osteoarthritis, stress fractures and disc degeneration disease. A weak core can speed up normal degenerative changes leading to more serious impairments. 



How do I strengthen my core?

A good core strengthening program gets people to identify and activate the right muscles that will improve their ability to stabilize. Learning to activate the core muscles correctly takes concentration and being in tune with your body. 

A taste of Core Strengthening exercises: 

Single Leg Bridge 

Dying Bug

Split stance pallof press

Bottom Line:

A strong core gives you the ability to properly stabilize and allows your body to move as efficiently and stress free as possible. This leads to improved performance, decreased injury, and a more resilient body to keep you doing the things you love! 

Thanks for reading! 

-Dr. Dan



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