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Does Performance Training Improve Your Golf Game?

Sep 22, 2022

The game of golf continues to change. Athleticism, strength, and power are more important than ever. For the first time, the average drive on the PGA tour was over 300 years. The ability to hit the ball farther to stay competitive is essential for all players. 


There are only two ways to hit the ball farther: 

  1. Increase the torque applied to the grip of the club (strength/power) 
  2. Increase the amount of time the torque is applied (mobility is key) 


Professionals now all have a team constantly assessing them and working on their bodies to maximize flexibility/mobility, strength, and power. 


If you aren’t assessing, then you’re just guessing.


Golf professionals are constantly assessed for weaknesses, joint restrictions, flexibility, and muscle imbalances. Functional assessments, like the Titleist Performance Institute assessment, can identify specific areas needing work.



How do golfers stay mobile and flexible? 


The Professionals have a medical professional on their team! These medical professionals are experts in applying hands-on techniques to improve mobility in the body, especially key joints for golf performance like the shoulders, hips, and spine. It’s commonplace for professionals to get “worked on” or do “PT” pre and post-rounds of golf to keep their bodies in peak performance.


How do golfers maximize their strength and power? 


Golfers work with performance specialists who develop complex training programs to increase strength and power specific to golf performance. Complex training, also referred to as contrast training, is a method that combines heavy resistance strength training and lighter resistance velocity or power-based exercises. This program has been shown to increase swing speed and improve distance significantly. 


Examples of complex training exercise pairing: 


Lower Body Power 

Repeat 3-5 sets of:

  • Squat with 85-95% of 1RM (rep max) x 1-3 reps 
    • Rest 2-3 minutes 
  • 3 vertical jumps for max height 
    • Rest 30-60 seconds 


Upper Body Power

Repeat 3-5 sets of:

  • Rotational Chop at cable column 
    • 3-5 reps in each direction 
  • Rotational Medicine Ball Throw (5% of body weight) 
    • 3-5 reps in each direction 



How can recreational golfers benefit? 


The average golfer has similar flexibility and strength problems as professionals do. Seek out a TPI certified medical and/or fitness professional for an assessment. An expert’s evaluation of your flexibility, strength, and power is essential to improving your golf performance.

Are you wondering if you have mobility issues or strength/power deficits negatively impacting your golf game? Get assessed, don’t guess!!! Start completing an individualized mobility, strength, and power program designed to meet your goals and improve your performance out on the course!!! 


Thanks for reading!

-Dr. Dan 



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