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Nutrition: A Golfer’s Secret Weapon

Jan 24, 2022

Athletes around the world are improving their competitive edge by properly fueling their bodies to improve energy levels and muscle recovery. Nutrition is vital for any sport, especially when competing multiple days in a row for long periods of time. Golf requires good physical fitness levels, focus, endurance and recovery. Nutrition can make an impact in all of these areas. 



Nutrition: A Golfer's Secret Weapon

Golf is a sport where each individual shot can make or break a round. This requires extreme mental focus and the body to be operating at full efficiency for every shot. In order to maximize each shot, golfers are always looking for a competitive advantage.  Advantages like using the most up to date equipment, working with the best coaches/trainers, and finding energy through dietary supplements. 

Most of the social golfers out there enjoy a cheap candy bar, bag of chips, or a hot dog at the turn! I always feel myself losing energy and power after the front nine. The hot dog at the turn strategy always gives me that extra energy off the tee box on hole number 10. I enjoy joking to Dr. Trevor after I hit a solid drive to start the back, “hot dog at the turn worked!”.  The problem with that energy burst is that it doesn’t last long and I soon crash before my round is even over! 


The Superfood Nutrition Strategy


Science has identified 50+ essential nutrients for our bodies to perform at its peak. The body cannot produce these nutrients. They must be obtained from food sources and supplements. The superfood nutrition strategy is the best way to consume these essential nutrients. Superfood nutrition consists of eating nutrient dense foods, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, consuming high antioxidant foods/supplements and consuming superfats. 

Many Professional golfers rely on superfood smoothies consisting of balanced amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fats and a full spectrum of essential nutrients. These smoothies include vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are delivered to the body to increase energy, boost performance, improve mental clarity and recovery. C.A.B.A.L.A. juice (carrot, apple, beets, apple, lemon, apple) is a great example of a superfood smoothie. 



The Bottom Line

Golfers can achieve the competitive edge they are looking for by adding the power of nutrition to their game!  Along with increasing energy levels, improving mental focus, endurance and recovery, staying healthy results in a significantly longer playing career! 

Thanks for reading. 

-Dr. Dan



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