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Improving Performance & Reducing Injury Risk

Jun 21, 2021

We encourage every golfer we work with to embrace the philosophy of

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As the weather begins to warm and the golf season finally arrives, it is very important to ensure our bodies are ready for the repetition and explosiveness of the golf swing. There are 2 types of stretching warmups static and dynamic. Static is the traditional stretching method where a stretch is held for 5-60 seconds. This is great for post exercise recovery or general flexibility; however, this type of stretching has been shown to be detrimental for performance prior to exercise by overstretching muscles and may even increase your injury rate. 

Instead, it is encouraged to perform a dynamic warmup prior to sports such as golf. Dynamic warm-up is where you move through a full range of movement in a controlled manner of 1 stretch every 2 seconds over 30 seconds without holding. Dynamic stretching improves blood flow to muscles by stretching muscles on one side of the joint and activating muscles on the other side of the joint leading to improved performance and reduced injury rates.

Below is a video and picture version of our Dynamic Warm Up that we recommend all of our golfers to perform. This type of warm up has been shown to IMPROVE DRIVING DISTANCE & ACCURACY compared to static stretching. Check out the research study here



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