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How to Stop Losing Yards as You Age

Sep 01, 2021

Do you continue to lose yards each golf season? Are you blaming your age and just accepting that you’ll continue to lose distance each year?

Phil Mickelson certainly isn’t! Phil is 51 years old and just won the 2021 PGA Championship, making him the oldest player to win that event.  He even recorded the longest drive of the tournament at 366 yards!



Phil attributes his recent success to identifying and addressing his physical limitations while working with a TPI certified professional. He gives TPI credit for elongating careers, improving golfers’ fitness levels, and improving performance.

To hit the ball farther, a golfer needs to increase their power and swing speed.  Luckily, there are things you can do, without having pro-level skills, to work on your swing speed.


4 Factors that Affect Swing Speed

There are four factors that affect swing speed:

  • Mobility
  • Physical Power and Strength
  • Technique and Swing Characteristics
  • Equipment



Golfers need to have good rotational mobility in their shoulders, thoracic spine, and hips. Try these exercises to increase your mobility.



Exercises to improve thoracic mobility

Exercises to improve hip mobility 

Exercises to improve shoulder mobility 


Physical Power & Strength

 In addition to rotational mobility, golfers need to produce power to increase swing speed and need a strong core for stabilization.  Try these exercises for increased power and strength.



Exercises to improve power

Exercises to improve strength 


Technique and Swing Characteristics

Many golfers never take advantage of taking lessons or receiving swing instruction. Some are too proud or simply feel they don’t need any help.



Swing technique is essential and will directly affect how far a golfer can hit the ball. Every PGA golfer has a swing coach. If professionals need swing coaches, so do you! We highly recommend using our partners at Kings Creek Country Club to help your golf game!



Technology is always changing and making advancements. There is a reason why professionals are always testing out new models of clubs. Equipment matters!



If you’re out there using 20-year-old clubs and asking yourself “I wonder if new clubs would help me hit the ball farther?” The answer is YES! To achieve your most efficient swing and maximize success, it’s important to be properly fitted for your new clubs. Set up a custom golf club fitting a local club near you to see the difference they make!

 Thanks for reading!

-Dr. Dan

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