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Debunking Golf Fitness Myths

Oct 04, 2021

Have you ever heard you shouldn't lift weights as a golfer?  Or that your exercises should always mimic the golf swing?  Sometimes when we hear the same thing over and over again we assume it's true, but is it really?  We wanted to cover some of the most common Golf Fitness Myths as we head into the golf offseason.  This is the perfect time to invest more time and energy into our bodies to make our golf game better.


Golf Fitness Myths


Myth #1: I don’t lift because it will limit the range of my swing 

Research proves that strength training improves mobility, power and strength. Performing strengthening exercises at high intensities allows golfers to keep gains much longer than performing lower intensity programs. Strength training and mobility training should both be part of the program. Since when did getting stronger become a negative thing?


Myth #2: Static stretching is the best way to warm-up

We encourage all of our golfers to warm up to swing NOT swing to warm up! A warm-up should be thought of as pre-activity preparation. Many studies have shown that static stretching (holding a stretch for 5-60 seconds) prior to a golf round decreases your performance and leads to greater injury risk. Static stretching may decrease your ability to produce power and stability. The best way to warm-up prior to golfing is to complete a series of dynamic movements. Professionals now incorporate light resistance bands prior to teeing off as part of their dynamic warm-up routines!

Not sure how to perform a dynamic warm-up?  Grab our free Golfer's Dynamic Warm-up here



Myth #3: I have to mimic my golf swing in the gym to get golf fit

Most golfers hit the gym and only think about their golf swing. They go to a cable machine and perform a weighted golf swing. “Golfish” exercises can actually impact your swing in a negative way. You can develop undesired swing patterns and pick up bad habits that carry over to the course. A true golf fitness program focuses on optimizing performance by improving stability, mobility and strength/power. These improvements will carry over to meet the physical demands of the golf swing.

Unsure of what you need to work on? That’s where a Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Assessment can help determine where your deficits are as they relate to the golf swing. Click here to learn more.


Myth #4: I’m too old for this

Many aging golfers are dealing with fatigue and declining power/strength. They fear physical training will make their problems worse.  The golf swing is a powerful and explosive movement. An average amateur golfer takes 60 full swings in a round. Most golfers are also hitting balls at the driving range to work on their swing. That’s a lot of swings!!

If you’re not participating in a golf fitness routine, then your body is not doing anything to prepare for the explosiveness and demands of each one of those swings. If you want to golf the rest of your life at a high level, then you need to take proactive measures to maximize your golf swing and improve your body’s resilience to tolerate all of those swings with a golf fitness program!



Myth #5: You can buy a better golf game 

The average golf handicap index hasn’t moved in over two decades. However, interestingly golf equipment has significantly improved and evolved in that time. This brings up how equipment is only one piece of the golf performance equation. The other components of your golf performance equation are:

  • Golf Technique
  • Physical/Body Capabilities 
  • Mental approach
  • Course Management

Make sure you are investing your time and resources in each part of the golf performance equation!


Myth #6: The same routine works for everyone 

Every golfer is unique and has individual strengths and weaknesses. A golf fitness program should be individualized to meet each golfers’ specific needs.  TPI certified experts like Dr. Dan and Dr. Trevor at Empower U PT & Performance can assess golfers with a physical screen to determine specific areas of mobility and stability to improve their golf games. Each program is individualized to allow your body to move more efficiently and improve performance 



Stay tuned for the release of this year’s open enrollment specials coming to your email soon!

Thanks for reading!

- Dr. Dan



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